How to make this shape, hopefully?

  1. Open Adobe Illustrator
  2. Make a new project that is 5x5 inches
  3. First, make a square, with a width and height of 1 inch
  4. Color that square #6640CC Hex code or 102,64,204 RGB
  5. drag that square up to the top left corner right on the edge
  6. Copy this square to each corner, all should be right on the edge
  7. Second, make a circle with a width and height of 1 inches
  8. Color that circle #55ACE2 Hex code or 85,172,226 RGB
  9. Drag that circle to the dead center of the page
  10. The final product should be 4 squares at each corner and one circle in the middle
  11. Export it for screens, with a valid name.
  12. Send it